For instance, the use of technology at such a young age is boosting bullying. Their capability to empathize with others is also lowered, and their potential to be creative is very much stifled. According to universities and businesses, children who have grown up in this technologically advanced environment lack emotional maturity compared to children a decade before. 

Additionally, a study published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics suggests that parents' technology use may be depriving their families of educational opportunities as well as resulting in negative interactions, internal disputes, and tension in the home. 

What then, should a parent do? As a means of discipline, parents frequently create mobile phone contracts, place time restrictions on screen use, set timers, and take away technology. But in order to effectively find the balance, here are some tips to control the use of technology by your children.

  1. Control your screen time. Establish limits. Make a family schedule that includes unplugged areas and times. You could forgo using technology at dinner or bedtime, for instance. Or perhaps it happens as soon as you arrive home, to the delight of your children. As soon as you arrive home, place a basket by the door where your family enters and exits and immediately place your electronic devices within. Ask your children to follow suit. Whatever standards you choose to set, the electronics get removed from the basket once the homework, dinner, and chores are finished. As a result, you and the kids will have fewer interruptions during important times for conversation. You may also designate particular areas of your home, like the family room or the reading room, as technology-free zones. 

  1. Monitor your mobile usage. To resist the temptation of using technology at home, think about adding a filter or block to your device. You may measure your smartphone use and determine where you could be wasting too much time by using apps like "Moment" and "Quality Time." It's crucial to keep in mind that your children are watching you while you use technology. You might therefore look for ways to cut back on your technology use if most of your time is spent on social media or reading business emails. Your children will probably imitate similar behaviors in their own lives if they witness you restricting your technology use or turning away from your computer to do something else. They will probably follow suit if you actively put boundaries on your own technology use, such as not using your phone while driving.

  1. Consider which aspects of using your mobile device cause you the most stress. Reserve these tasks for times when you know your children are occupied, such as when reading the news or checking work email. Instead of interrupting time with children, who might respond to your unpleasant feelings with their own negativity, you will have your own time and space to process the information in this manner.

Pay attention to how frequently your family uses technology, and if you notice anything you do not like, start by changing your own behavior. If you are not using technology responsibly, how can you expect your children to?