There are three general ideas that can help you understand and optimize the impact and growth of your and your business’s social media presence.

  1. Understanding the basics

What is social media presence? Social media presence refers to the visibility a brand has on social media platforms, the connections it builds with its community, and the goals it sets to better that connection. It allows your audience to build a direct relationship with your brand. With carefully developed plans and clearly defined goals, one can easily boost the impact of such a presence. 

Understanding the basics includes asking yourself: what social media channels are you currently on? How many are you using daily? Should you scale up or scale down?

Businesses must have a profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or maybe Instagram if aesthetics and authenticity are big for your brand. These are widely used social networking sites around the world, and having a presence on these specific channels builds reputation and credibility for your brand. Noting, however, that these should be constantly handled, maintained, and updated. Find the balance between active and passive posting so users are aware of your presence but not too aware that they might find it annoying.

  1. Assessing the quality

While a great quantity of posts is necessary for social media presence, it is ideal that the quality of these posts is more focused on. Social media users have short attention spans, so you should rethink a long paragraph about technology that is full of jargon and terms that people don’t understand. Spell Checking, use of proper grammar, utilizing hashtags and links, rechecking attachments and other necessary revisions are important to ensure that the posts are accurate and relevant. Are you posting pictures or videos? Are they of high quality and captivating design? Make sure that you’re producing the best quality content to push your community to be interested and actively engage with your business.

  1. Measuring growth, engagement, and action

The success of your social media can be measured in terms of growth (i.e. number of likes, followers, connections, etc.), engagement (i.e. retweets, replies), and action (i.e. shares, boosts). 

To succeed in social media, you should understand the algorithm of networking sites and how your engagements can grow organically. You can also boost or advertise on several sites, allowing you to reach more people and widen your audience. Once engagements start rolling in, it is important to actively turn these conversations into testimonies for referrals. The key is to learn more about your users and how they can benefit from your services.

Some networking sites have features that allow you to see the analytics that will help you evaluate your presence. But it’s often difficult to take action afterward without proper tools and experts. Fortunately, there are websites and professionals for that.

But the road to success is not easy, that’s a fact. If your social media presence is not on par with big successful networks, that’s okay. You can start small, then improve every day, one aspect after another, and ultimately you will achieve the goals you created and your presence will be as impactful as you wish it to be.