Here are five technology-related YouTube channels you should be subscribing to if you want to be tech-knowledgeable.
  1. The Verge, with around 3.25 million subscribers, is the channel counterpart of a popular website. The channel has videos that verify what products promise to do and reviews of the latest tech devices and items. The Verge covers a wide range of issues, including space travel, cutting-edge technical experiments, and airplanes, among other things.
  2. MrWhoseTheBoss, subscribers are currently at 10.6 million; with his videos mainly being about smartphone reviews and comparisons, it does not take away from the fact that this channel is one to watch out for. Combining great camerawork, an engaging personality, and his humor, the content he produces is not only informative but also entertaining.
  3. JerryRigEverything, have you ever wondered what is inside that tech you have lying around in the house along with what is inside your smartphone right now? Well, chances are JerryRigEverything has already made a video about it. Currently, at 7.34 million subscribers and growing, this is one channel worth visiting. This channel also dabbles with cars and other technology-related content, so what are you waiting for? Subscribe now.
  4. Simplelearn. Are you looking for a channel that focuses more on teaching than reviews or updates? Well, this channel is for you. With 2.11 million subscribers, this section is the world's leading certification training provider. With videos ranging from blockchain and programming tutorials to various other technology-related topics, this channel is worth every click.
  5. With a whopping 18.2 million subscribers presenting, last but not least, Unbox Therapy. Lewis Hilsenteger, the host, is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his work. So, what exactly does he do? Unboxing videos, as the name implies, are typically focused on consumer gadgets such as PCs, smartphones, peripherals, and consoles. The objects are taken out of their packages on camera and evaluated based on first impressions. Aside from unboxing, Lewis talks about specs, DIY projects, and limited-time tech discounts and items. Lewis evaluates both obscure and mainstream products. The videos are educational and straight to the point. 
Wrapping up this blog, we urge you to take the free time that you have and invest it in something worthwhile, may it be getting up to date with technology or learning a thing or two. Simply checking in on the channel's videos would bring you much more than merely lazing around.