This blog lists the top eight PC peripherals you should have or seek!

1. Gaming mouse

Have you ever had that one vs. one where your opponent seems to click faster than you, or maybe you want to know what this DPI is and want to use it to your advantage? If this is the case, then investing in a lightweight gaming mouse that is DPI customizable is a must. A core of the must-have peripherals for all kinds of gamers.

2. Mechanical switch keyboard

A mechanical switch keyboard may be what you need for pressing those keys that make your character move or maybe type away at the chat function in your game. It improves input commands so that the moment you press a key, it registers it at the fastest possible speed.

3. Microphone set up

Because you don’t want to sound like you’re in a busy street or like a robot, getting one microphone set up for your PC will improve your communication in games. Significantly if it will improve how you play for yourself or your team.

4. Mousepad

To slide that new gaming mouse on something smooth and obstruction-free is a dream for all. Acquiring a good, high-quality mousepad will level up your game, making each mouse stroke feel as natural as waving your hand.

5. Headsets

Have problems hearing footsteps or maybe comms from your teammates? What you need is a good quality headset that surrounds your ears with comfort and hovers just at that sweet spot of a not too loud and not too quiet one.

6. Speakers

Because some games have audio quality and content that just needs to be blasted in your small and comfy room. Investing in one of these is sure to pay back its worth once you experience playing games that provide entertainment through soundtrack and direction.

7. Monitors

Who wouldn’t want a more precise, crisper, and higher refresh rate monitor? We’ll keep it simple. Do yourself a favor and buy a monitor. Be casual or try; you’ll thank us later!

8. USB Hub

Ran out of ports to plug stuff into? A USB Hub has got you covered, providing extra ports for different connections to your PC that will make you ask why you’ve never even bought one.

As you invest in improving your PC set-up, spending a few bucks more to get yourself one of these things on the list is the extra step you need. This would help you break your gaming limits and become the best gamer you could ever be!