Everything has positive and negative effects, and technology's influence on communication is no different. In this blog, we'll talk about how popular technical innovations like email, phones, cell phones, etc., have changed how we communicate. 

These advantages are outlined in the sections below.

  1. Monitoring and Keeping Track of Communication: Technology has made it simple to stay in touch with old connections and has also aided in fostering stronger bonds between people. Additionally, you can preserve a record of all communications with clients, customers, friends, family, coworkers, etc.
  2. Customer Service Chatbots: Customers demand a prompt answer when interacting with brands. Thanks to customer care bots, clients may now get the assistance or answers they require whenever they need it, often immediately. If you're concerned that a chatbot would be impersonal, remember that chatbots can transfer the customer to a real person when personal communication is required in the conversation.
  3. Automated Communications: Technology has sped up communication between people and encouraged sharing ideas to solve problems more effectively. Small firms and independent contractors can compete on an equal footing with influential organizations thanks to automation.
  4. No Barrier: Nowadays, it's simple to communicate; emails and mobile devices are helpful when you need to get a message through quickly. It guarantees easy access to every device, platform, person, and communication tool 24/7.

But technology has also affected communication negatively.

The old world with genuine relationships and exchanges, as well as social interactions, is where technology has the most significant harmful impact. It significantly affects people's interpersonal abilities. Texting or online chatting has taken the place of mail and face-to-face interactions. In particular, teenagers are addicted to social networking sites all the time. Although they are closer to their internet buddies, the distance between parents and children has significantly widened. The generation gap has widened due to the lack of communication, parents' lack of technological sophistication, and their inability to relate to their children's communication preferences. Additionally, many individuals exploit social networking platforms by communicating with unsuspecting others while posing as someone else. People tend to cause more harm than good with this trait.

Given this, it's critical to exercise caution when using technology to successfully and efficiently connect with others. Most of the time, you can utilize technology to improve relationships by staying in touch and fostering a feeling of community.