You may ask, but if it's working, why update it? As technology and software constantly evolve and advance, so do the threats. More specifically, the security threats that target your software. This blog lists the four reasons you should continuously update and click "yes" to those notifications.

  1. As stated, updating your software protects you from any form of security threats that may affect outdated software. For this reason, even promptly updates are typically called security patches. Staying safe is not worth taking the time to click yes to that notification.
  2. Besides protecting you from external threats, software updates also cover you from the inside. As no program is perfect and flawless, the software we use daily is also prone to internal security and application flaw. Keeping up to date with your software ensures that these flaws won't ever affect your computer.
  3. New features and most updates are for this purpose. Most updates provide the latest features available for use, whether it be a game or productivity software. You never know that niche thing you want to fix or be given a more straightforward method has already been out. You just haven't updated it yet.
  4. Finally, updating provides the user with a better experience using the app on the update block. All the reasons culminate to a single point, you, having the best of what every software offers!

We hope that in this blog, you realize just how vital updating software is. It is not an exaggeration to say that not updating is detrimental to your user experience and productivity using these apps. So, what are you waiting for? Click that Update Now button and have yourself that best of the best!